How to cook canned abalone

After Tan's shark fins in Macao had eaten abalone, they had been oblivious to it. As a side dish, mushrooms and rape are also my fascination, so I bought canned red abalone in Hong Kong and went home to cook.

Victory is simple and convenient, do not need to mix with their own spices, 0 errors, the fool can do.

canned abalone.jpg


canned abalone,oilseed rape,dry shiitake


Dry mushrooms washed, warm water bubble, such as time, listen to my command!
1. Fill dried mushrooms and warm water with a crisper and tightly cover
2. Shake it boomshakalaka
3. Repeated 1,2 to 10 minutes after the water cools

Then soak it and handle the rapeseed.

Rapse wash, go to root, simmer.
Hey, you guys will always be?
It  was the water that was boiled and the dish was thrown into the pot.  Cook for 1-2 minutes and the dish became green and tender.
After draining the water, spare.

The shiitake mushrooms and abalone were served in trays, and rape dishes were served.

Bubble hair and mushrooms do not change knife.
Try to use a deep dish for this dish.