How to Cook Calamari

Ingredients & Directions

Frozen Calamari ,Salt, ginger, cooking wine, vegetable oil, seafood sauce, chili powder, cumin powder

1.The squid should be cleaned and cut into roots with a knife

2. In the pot, boil water, add ginger, pour into the cooking wine, add  the squid, rinse with water, and remove the drained water.
3. In the pot, boil water, add ginger, pour into the cooking wine, put  the squid into the water and change color to remove the drained water


4.  Preheat the flat-bottomed cast iron pan, add a little vegetable oil,  medium and small fire, and put it into the squid (preferably a cast iron  pot. I tried using a side of the pan. The appearance is not bad, but  the taste is not as good as the cast iron pan. Authentic
5.  The squid must turn on one side after fragrant incense (in fact, you  can fry 6 skewers at a time, but in order not to interfere with the  photograph, I will fry separately). At the same time, sprinkle some  salt. The salt can be a little bit more, because it will fall off the  pot. of
6. Wipe a spoonful of seafood sauce, not too much, more cover the  smell of eel, if there is no seafood sauce, you can casually use what  Laoganma, mainly to cover the smell of eel
7. The next step is chili powder and cumin powder. According to your  preferences, you can add more bars. Remember that midway salmon must be  turned like the boss on the street. The eel is more fragrant.
8. The degree of scorching incense can be enjoyed when you like it. It's hot and fresh. Take care not to burn your mouth.