Canned Red Kidney Beans Nutrition

The  study found that 100 grams of organic red kidney beans contain  carbohydrates 56.9 grams, 23.1 grams of protein, fat 1.3 grams, 76  milligrams of calcium and rich B vitamins, fresh beans are also rich in  vitamin C. Organic red kidney beans as food beans with the development of new  nutrition staple food varieties, by domestic and foreign consumers of  all ages.

1, tender pods contain about 6% protein, fiber 10%, sugar 1--3%. Dry beans contain about 22.5% protein, starch 59.6%. Fresh pods can be used for vegetable consumption, can also be dehydrated or canned.

2, kidney beans in the saponins can promote fat metabolism, is one of the ideal food to lose weight. Contained dietary fiber can also speed up the passage of food through  the intestine, want to eat more kidney beans weight loss will achieve  the purpose of light.

3,  kidney beans are the main components of protein and crude fiber, also  contains amino acids, vitamins and calcium, iron and other trace  elements. The  protein content is higher than chicken, calcium content is seven times  more than chicken, iron is 4 times, B vitamins than chicken. Kidney beans are rich in protein, iron, potassium and other nutrients, strong spleen Zhuang, enhance appetite, anti-rheumatoid.

4,  kidney beans or a rare high potassium, high magnesium, low sodium  foods, this feature is very useful in the treatment of nutrition. Kidney beans are particularly suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia and avoid salt patients.

5,  modern medical analysis, kidney beans also contain saponin, urease and a  variety of globular globular unique components, with the body to  improve the immune capacity of blood, enhance disease resistance,  activation of lymphocyte T lymphocytes, DNA synthesis and other  functions , Has an inhibitory effect on the development of tumor cells and is therefore valued by the medical community. Its content of urease used in patients with hepatic coma effect is very good.

6,  modern scientific research shows that white kidney bean extract (white  kidnoy kean Extract) contains a higher activity of α-amylase inhibitor  (α-amylase inhibitor), the chemical composition of a complex  glycoprotein, known as the " Starch blocker "means" starch absorption blocker ". Currently  developed a white kidney bean serum products, can inhibit the role of  α-amylase, blocking starch decomposition and reduce glucose absorption,  which can reduce postprandial blood glucose, reduce insulin secretion,  reduce fat synthesis and so on ,  Can effectively meet the diet of diabetics and dieters, so that they  can eat enough to eliminate hunger, but the postprandial blood glucose  is not high, the weight does not increase.