Canned Cream Sweet Corn
Canned Cream Sweet Corn
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Canned cream sweet corn

1.Product Introduction of Canned cream sweet corn

Tall annual herb. Stems erect, usually without branching, 1-4 m tall, with bases of aerial props at each base. Leaf  sheaths with transverse veins; ligule membranous, ca. 2 mm; leaf blade  broadly flat, linear-lanceolate, base rounded-eared, glabrous or pilose,  midribs stout, margins slightly scabrous. The  top male panicles are large, the main axis and the racemes axis and  their internodes are finely villous; male spikelets axillary, as long as  1 cm, spikelet handles are one long and one short, respectively 1-2 mm  long and 2- 4  mm, finely pilose; two lanceolate nearly as long, membranous, ca. 10  veiled, cilia trichomes; lateral malleolus and medial hyaline  membranous, slightly shorter than glumes; anthers yellowish orange; ca. 5  mm. The  female inflorescence is concealed by most broad sheath-like bracts; the  female spikelets are axillary, and are arranged on the order axis of  the stout in 16-30 longitudinal rows. The two glumes are equal in  length, are broad, have no veins, and are cilia; Transparent membranous, pistil with very long and thin linear style. Caryopsis  are spherical or oblate spheroids. Except glumes and sepals after  maturity, the size varies with the growth conditions. It is generally  5-10 mm long, slightly wider than its length, and the embryo length is  1/2- of caryopsis. 2/3. Chromosome 2n = 20, 40, 80 (Sarma et Sharma, 1986; Molina, 1986). Flower and fruit fall.

2.Product Specification of Canned cream sweet corn

SIZE: 425GR, 314ML, 370ML, 580ML, 2840GR

N.W.:  425GR, 280GR, 330GR, 530GR, 2840GR

D.W.: 230GR, 170GR, 200GR, 320GR, 1800GR



425GRX24/CTN , 1700CTNS/20'FCL

314MLX12/CTN,  3750CTNS/20'FCL

370MLX12/CTN,  3200CTNS/20'FCL

580MLX12/CTN,  2000CTNS/20'FCL

2840GRX6/CTN,  1000CTNS/20'FCL

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