Best Cream Style Corn
Best Cream Style Corn
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Best cream style corn

1.Product Introduction of Best cream style corn

Maize (Latin name: Zea mays L.) is an annual herb of the family Poaceae. Alias:  Yuxi, Bangzi, Baogu, Baomi, Baosu, Yuxi, glutinous rice, pearl rice,  veratrum, big Milo, Liaoning Province, said the pearl grain in Liaoning,  Chaozhou dialect called glutinous rice, Cantonese called corn, Minnan  dialect called wheat.
Maize is an annual  male-female cross-pollination plant. It is a tall plant with strong  stems. It is an important food crop and forage crop. It is also the  world’s highest-yield crop. Its planted area and total yield are second  only to rice and wheat. Corn has long been known as a  longevity food, rich in protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, and  cellulose, and has great potential for the development of highly  nutritious and highly biologically functional foods. However,  because of hereditary complexity and variety of mutations, in the  conventional breeding process, there are shortcomings such as long  cycle, excessive coefficient of variation, and affecting the growth and  development of offspring. However, modern biological breeding technology  not only overcomes the above shortcomings and deficiencies. At the same time, it also improves the speed and quality of breeding.

2.Product Specification of Best cream style corn

StyleDrain weightCartons /20FCL’LID STYLE
184gx24tins/ctn114G or 140G3600 cartonsEasy open and nomal lid
245gx24 tins/ctn135G2000 cartonsEasy open and nomal lid
340g x 24tins250G1800 cartonsEasy open and nomal lid
425g x 24tins200G or 230G or 250G1750 cartonsEasy open and nomal lid
850gx12tins410G1700 cartonsNomal lid open
850gx24tins410G860   cartonsNomal lid open
A10 2840gx61800G or 1500g1000 cartonsNomal lid open

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3.FAQ of Best cream style corn

When Is Your Shipment?

1) Generally ,we shipping goods by sea in 20FT or 40HQ container.

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Usually we accept based on T/T, L/C: T/T 30% deposit, 70% balance against B/L copy; L/C at sight.

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1. Many years manufacturer experience;

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